The Air Squadron Visit to Ukraine, July 2013

The Air Squadron Visit to Ukraine, July 2013


Martin Barraclough and Jonathan Elwes

978-1-909075-21-4 / 212pp / hb

•    A visit that took ten years to come to fruition,  required an Act of Parliament and which involved the infrastructure of the whole country;
•    An extraordinary sporting and cultural visit noted for the  heartfelt hospitality of all those Ukrainians who were involved;
•    The book was written by eight principal contributors, four British and four Ukrainian. Together they provide a fascinating perspective.
From the moment of our arrival in L’viv on 30 June 2013 it was apparent to all Air Squadron guests that this was to be no ordinary visit. The obvious warmth of the welcome at the airport and the style of the reception in the city’s Opera House spoke volumes. This book traces the history of the visit, ever since the idea was first mooted 10 years earlier.


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