All print publications (whether leaflets, brochures, magazines or books) need detailed design elements. At Words by Design we believe that both the inside text and cover of your product needs the most careful attention. We delight in designing pages that truly show off your words and ideas, and in creating covers that inspire customers to look at your work. 

Martin Barraclough’s account of the history of his family business, Looking for the Silver Lining, benefited from high design and production values. Documenting 100 years of a family-owned shipping company, and littered with photographs and other documentary evidence, the resulting book is absolutely fascinating and a joy to read.

Having designed and produced three books for me I well know the high quality of your work which is so important to the success of the book, both in terms of satisfaction for the author and enjoyment by its readers. All three of my books have been highly commended in regard to these qualities.

Martin Barraclough, author of Looking for the Silver Lining