Iris was a remarkable woman, and we helped her son tell her story for others to enjoy. 


Many clients come to us wanting help with their own publishing and self-publishing projects. Whether biography, novel, poetry, history book or any other project, we enjoy the challenge of working on a wide range of books.

Our services help clients turn their ideas and inspiration into volumes which they and their family can cherish, books which can be shared with a few family or friends, or which can be made available for sale to the general public via the internet and traditional book shop sales.

What a truly delightful surprise to find a copy of A Very Uncommon Woman waiting for me yesterday. Didn't they do a good job on the production! It's a very handsome book with plenty of excellent photos and great stories, too. I found myself feeling very nostalgic reading about people I had known so well, seeing their pictures again, and reading stories I hadn’t known.