Rock and Ice: Expedition Photography

Rock and Ice: Expedition Photography


Mark Wood

Hb / 142 pp / 978-1-909075-53-5

An amazing collection of stunning images from Mark Wood’s expeditions across rock and ice during the past decade.

“For me, exploration is not about conquering, it’s not about planting flags. It’s about being vulnerable and disappearing into a place in order to tell the stories of the people and the environment, while respecting the cultures in which you immerse yourself. Like myself Mark often travels alone, capturing the human side of his expeditions.

Rock & Ice documents Mark’s incredibly diverse journeys through a magnificent selection of powerful images and wonderfully eye-opening anecdotes. An inspiring collection.”

Benedict Allen, writer, traveller and adventurer

Mark Wood is an established polar explorer and adventurer who operates within the extremes of our planet. Expeditions include reaching the Magnetic North Pole, the Geomagnetic North Pole twice, and completing solo expeditions to both the Geographic North and South Poles.

He has been a part of major BBC and Channel 5 documentaries and over the years has trained and led people to the extremes of the planet. His own award-winning documentaries have shown the life of dog teams in Alaska, a solo survival film in the extremes, and a complex cutting-edge expedition documentary showing the harsh reality of global warming and its impact on the Arctic Ocean as his team crossed to the North Pole.

Mark’s reason for exploring is based on inspiring the next generation to appreciate the planet and to also encourage them to take action on the issues we all face towards the reality of climate change.

Through Mark’s expeditions he now has an outreach of over one million students worldwide.

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