Morogoro Boy: Seven Safaris Through Life

Morogoro Boy: Seven Safaris Through Life


Brian Temple-Brown

566pp / pb

Born in Tanganyika, Brian enjoyed a very happy childhood there, in England and in Mauritius. He was commissioned as a National Service 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. After signing on for a further four years, he was seconded to the Royal West African Frontier Force as a 1st Lieutenant and saw active serv- ice in the Congo as a Major, followed by a spell with the SAS. Aged 25, he then joined the police for 29 years. Retirement took him to France for 16 years before he returned to England. During his life Brian has had numerous life-threatening experiences: suffering a safari-ant attack, malaria, pneumonia, two motorcycle accidents, a hand-grenade and mortar-bomb explosion, machete attack and kidnapping!

This book is the fifth of a seven volume series! 

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