Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody


MAR Taleghany
978-1-909075-55-9 / 370pp / pb
A charming collection of short stories.
M.A.R. Taleghany comes from a family of lawyers and men of letters. He followed the family tradition and received two degrees in law from the University of Tehran. He continued with his advance studies at the University of London where he received another two degrees. He taught law for several years at his alma mater. Subsequently he moved to England where he practices as a consultant lawyer.

Being interested in literature from early childhood, he has written a number of books on law and literature as well as translating several books from English into Persian and vice versa. His collection of poems The Flight of the Phoenix was well received.

Apart from the present work, he has a collection of English poems entitled, Dawn, a biographical account entitled Memoirs of a Persian Childhood, a collection of short stories and also a collection of fables from the east. 

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