Aviation in the Raw: When Flying was Dangerous and Sex was Safe

Aviation in the Raw: When Flying was Dangerous and Sex was Safe

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Mike Bennison

978-1-909075-77-1 / xiv + 260pp / pb

Flying has changed. As with the rest of life, procedures have been tightened up, safety is rigorously followed, and political correctness has become paramount. But when this author started his aviation career, the world was a different place...!

Following the progression of his career as a pilot, from the initial training through to flying multi-engined aircrafts to jets, author Mike Bennison brings wit, charm and a small measure of rebelliousness to this entertaining account of life in the air. Full of anecdotes and stories, Mike recounts the lows and highs of his career, whilst always keeping an eye on three topics: aviation disasters (and how they happened), the growth and development of the aviation world, and the amusing (and sometimes frightening) events that happened to him or those around him.

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From the Introduction:

I have many thousands of flying hours and have flown many types of aircraft. I have lost many friends in flying accidents, and had many laughs and scares. I am convinced that many a pilot’s life has been saved through the seemingly inconsequential chatter in conversations in the bar, or on overnight stops. Some of our wives got annoyed with their pilot husbands endlessly swapping yarns, but so often when an incident happens, in the back of your mind you suddenly remember someone having mentioned something similar. That tiny bit of an edge can save you, and your passengers, from disaster and death.

Review from Amazon:

This was one of the most amusing (and sometimes scary !) biography of flying experiences in the past few decades. A very readable book full of anecdotes from which both passengers and airline staff could learn a lot - and smile !