When You’re Smiler

When You’re Smiler


Nigel Smales

978-1-4709-0463-0 / 288pp / hb

Eddy 'Smiler' Smales was an accidental pioneer in British feature films in the 1930s, combat filming in the 1940s and television news from the 1950s. When You’re Smiler gives a personal perspective on the dramatic evolution of factual film and television in the mid-20th Century set against the social, political and military history of the times. It tells tales of halcyon days in the British film industry and of early life and times at BBC TV News, but its primary focus is on Smiler’s adventures with the ground-breaking British Army Film & Photographic Unit during WW2. Illustrated with 83 photographs and sprinkled with anecdotes of well-known characters Smiler worked with, including Peter Ustinov, David Niven, Dickie Attenborough, Frederick Forsyth, John Mills, Michael Aspel and many others. 

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