Five Weeks to Sydney: The Era of the Passenger Liner

Five Weeks to Sydney: The Era of the Passenger Liner


Nelson French

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in June 1969 there arrived at the Paris air show an aircraft which had flown directly from the Boeing factory at Seattle, a distance of 5,160 miles in nine hours and eight minutes. the aircraft was designated 747 and could carry 442 passengers, together with their baggage, mails and some cargo. Six months later 747s were in regular service across the Atlantic and soon after on major air routes around the world. From that summer day in Paris the days of the passenger liner were numbered.
This book is one person’s recollections about the world of ocean liners before the Jumbo Jet took over. From post-war refits, through to Caribbean cruises, round-the-world trips and Royal reviews, Nelson French paints a picture of a bygone era which was once enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe.



This book details the memoirs and recollections from a bygone era of ocean liners before the Jumbo Jet took over in the late 1960s. The author, Nelson French, worked his way up through the ranks before becoming a Purser on the Orient Line prior to its merger with P&O. In 1948 he made his first voyage to Sydney as an assistant Purser on the Orient Line’s Orontes. He remained Purser until 1952 and was promoted to Deputy Purser in 1953. From Royal reviews, post-war refits, through to Caribbean cruises and round-the-world trips, the author takes us back to a time when thousands travelled by sea across the globe. It’s a superbly written account which gives a great insight into the author’s life at sea. Together with the recollections are B&W photographs and illustrations by the cartoonist Neil Smith. Also included are some excellent poems supplied by A P Herbert. A great read which comes highly recommended.

(taken from Sea Breezes)

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