John Radcliffe and His Legacy to Oxford

John Radcliffe and His Legacy to Oxford

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David Cranston

978-1-909075-18-4 / 86pp / hb
“Dr Cranston has written a biography, as intriguing as it is scholarly, of one of Oxford’s most remarkable benefactors. The incalculable benefits to science, medicine and architecture of Dr Radcliffe’s largesse 300 years ago live on to this day and are an eloquent testimony to the vital contribution made by visionary philanthropy to the mission of a university: education, scholarship, research and the public good.”
Sir Ivor Crewe, The Master,
University College



David Cranston has written a little gem of a book. Having worked as a surgeon for many years in the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, his curiosity was aroused about the man after whom the hospital is named. He brings the character and times of John Radcliffe to life. The colour illustrations are by Valerie Petts, a renowned Oxford artist. This book is a real bargain.

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