A unique family photo, showing family members at a 21st birthday party in 1904


Given just a few basic facts, we can start creating a person's history, looking at their birth, marriage and death certificates, and then seeing when and where they appear on census and other records.

A small portion of a family tree showing family members and their dates of birth and death

Family Trees

The traditional product of ancestry research, there are many different ways to display the information in an informative and clear manner. Our trees are bespoke to your family, and to the history that you are interested in.

This book researched and told the stories about the  elderly couple in the centre of the photo and their seven children


However, the basic facts and the family trees to not give the whole picture. Why did Aunt Doris move to the city; how did Great Uncle Jim die during active service; what did your great-great-grandfather do for a living. It is these stories, put together with the facts, that go to make a great family history.