Whither Wings?

Whither Wings?


JR Ingram

978-1-909075-17-7 / 326pp / pb

“Since 1945 many books have been written and films made about the RAF and its exploits during the war. To my knowledge nothing has been written about the hundreds of young men who volunteered to be pilots in 1942 and 1943. They were welcomed with open arms, given interviews and medicals to determine suitability and, if accepted, were sworn in. Not all were aware that they were about to be sent home on Deferred Service for an indefinite period. They were thus in the RAF and had no option but to await instructions. Recall came eventually after about a year when they were ordered to report to Lords Cricket Ground. This was the start of their Active Service which is covered in great detail by Joe Ingram in this book.”
Air Commodore J.L.W. Towler,
Royal Air Force (Retired)

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