Religious Literacy: An Introduction

Religious Literacy: An Introduction


Jenny Taylor (editor)

978-0-9573565-4-2 / 66pp / pb

Globalization – the economically-driven ‘one-world community’ – has brought the world of religions to our doorstep. We cannot pretend any longer that it is a private matter best ignored. Religious literacy means understanding that religion has consequences and anticipating them. What people believe influences everything from politics, to education, sex, international affairs and security: all crucial beats for journalists and other professionals. 
“...a first class guide to appreciating the importance of faith in relation to a wide range of stories from terrorism to sexual abuse, and it should be essential reading for all journalists wanting to understand religious conflict.”
Tony Johnston, Former Head of Training, Press Association.
With contributions by Stephen Bates, Mark Durie, Tom Holland, Terry Mattingly and Jenny Taylor.

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