Crumble or Stand: The Power of Forgiveness

Crumble or Stand: The Power of Forgiveness


Toni Ann

978-1-291-91142-8 / 150pp / pb

“The day my world fell apart I found myself lying in a crumpled heap, sobbing on the kitchen floor – everything had been destroyed. This is my journey of taking a step of faith and walking daily in love and forgiveness.”
“What you are about to read is a moving story of great courage and tenacity in the face of one of life’s toughest trials. ... Through disaster, pain, determination and redemption, this book brings out the best of hopes in difficult times.”

Matt Stubbs, Editor

“Here is the real life story of the love of God bringing miraculous healing to a broken heart and filling it with mercy and forgiveness. This book could be instrumental in bringing a similar healing to the lives of many who read it.”

John Smith, Author of Threads of Destiny 

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