Present Past

PresentPast is part of Words by Design and creates and sells a range of bespoke gifts which focus on giving the past as a present. Our launch products are a range of bespoke TimeLines, based on dates and images from a person or a family's life.
If you’re looking for something unique and special, you’ve found the right place. These few pages can only show the highlights of the designs, so please browse our different designs online at, and order a special gift for someone you love!
Designed according to one of six templates, each TimeLine is a bespoke creation using your images. After supplying your photos and information, you have the chance to check a draft before your personal TimeLine is printed in full colour on 3mm thick white PVC board (perfect for mounting on a wall for all to see and admire) and dispatched direct to your address.

Prices start from £180

Please enquire for more information.



100 x 22cm landscape

The Collage TimeLine follows a life through all its key events, placing photos along a single line to show how the person's life has developed. Photographs are displayed in full and are designed to fill the space evenly. 



100 x 15cm landscape

The Film TimeLine is designed along the lines of an old film strip. Remember when photographs came as negatives? This TimeLine places the images from your past in sequence, with a brief caption for each moment of a life.



100 x 55cm landscape

The Windows TimeLine is ideally suited to display the history of your family unit. Designed to accommodate all your immediate family members, the graphic progresses through each decade, and charts the growth and development of your family and its various members.