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New Partnership Announced

Words by Design and Oxford Centre for Life-Writing

Personal Biography Service

The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing and Words by Design are pleased to introduce a new collaboration. Together we are making skilled writers available to help clients write their biographies. 
The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing (OCLW) is a research centre based at Wolfson College at the University of Oxford, designed to support those who write auto/ biography and those who undertake research on different forms of life narratives. OCLW was formally established in October 2010, and since its creation it has built up a busy schedule of events (including talks and lectures, ‘in conversations’, seminars, workshops, conferences and symposia, and concerts). 
Words by Design is a publishing consultancy offering a range of bespoke publishing services to individual and corporate clients, as well as to the printing and publishing industry. One of its core services is getting alongside clients to help them record their life story and turning the manuscript into professionally produced books for family and friends. Among its clients have been peers of the realm, CEOs, philanthropists, polar explorers, a taxi driver and a chimney sweep!


Ocean Nomad

Eddie Bolton

just published

A small book by a merchant seaman, Ocean Nomad, has been something of a success on Lulu. Their sales rank 526 is not to be sniffed at. Eddie, a life-long sailor from Liverpool, tells about his life experiences in this down-to-earth and honest account.

This is my autobiography of my life as a merchant seaman from growing up in the city of Liverpool where I was born, to joining the merchant navy to go away to sea as a young lad at age of 15. Here are my memories from my childhood and my ongoing sea career told as it really was. Most of the big shipping companies have gone now and most of the men who sailed with me have gone too but they are not forgotten. The princes of the sea have come home. I was one of them.



Lord Nuffield and His Double Legacy

David Cranston

Brand New Medical Biography

William Morris’ legacy is immense. From mending bicycles in the house of his parents to becoming the motoring giant of the UK where the MG insignia (Morris Garages) is universally known sixty years after his death... not to mention the two war efforts in which he played a major role, rebuilding the RAF several times over especially during the crucial days of the Battle of Britain in 1940. His interest in, and philanthropy toward, medicine in particular may have been stimulated by his early connections with Sir William Osler, who was Regius Professor of Medicine in Oxford between 1905 and 1919. He endowed the four original Nuffield Chairs of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Anaesthetics, and a few years later Orthopaedics. One of the authors (PJM) held the Nuffield Chair of Surgery between 1974 and 2001 stimulating his long-term interest in William Morris. Ennobled as Lord Nuffield in 1934, this book uses both ‘William Morris’ and ‘Nuffield’ or ‘Lord Nuffield’ when referring to him (mainly but not exclusively ‘Morris’ before 1934 and ‘Nuffield’ after 1934).