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The First and Second Arctic Medals (1818-1876)

John Myres

New Title

A comprehensive new resource, The First and Second Arctic Medals (1818-1876) explores the lives and careers of the almost 2500 men who had been awarded the First Arctic Medal (with some 1500 medals being issued), as well as the 155 men who were awarded the Second Arctic Medal.

As well as tracing the background and career of each man, and sometimes his death, this new volume also includes, wherever possible, a record of all the other medals and awards that he received in addition to his Arctic Medal. As the middle of the 19th Century involved much naval activity and conflict, many of the Arctic Medallists acquired a number of other campaign medals, as well as Long Service and Good Conduct Medals, and this record will be useful to collectors and descendants who possess these and can now link them to the men 's service in the Arctic.


Aviation in the Raw

Mike Bennison

just published

When flying was dangerous and sex was safe…!

Flying has changed. As with the rest of life, procedures have been tightened up, safety is rigorously followed, and political correctness has become paramount. But when this author started his aviation career, the world was a different place...!

Following the progression of his career as a pilot, from the initial training through to flying multi-engined aircrafts to jets, author Mike Bennison brings wit, charm and a small measure of rebelliousness to this entertaining account of life in the air. Full of anecdotes and stories, Mike recounts the lows and highs of his career, whilst always keeping an eye on three topics: aviation disasters (and how they happened), the growth and development of the aviation world, and the amusing (and sometimes frightening) events that happened to him or those around him.



The Translation of Enoch

Nick Harris

New author, new title!

The secrets of endless life have been jealously guarded to keep a people safe. Now, as evidence grows of failure, one man embarks on a quest to find life that is eternal, not endless, little realising an evil seed is emerging close by that will bring desolation to his world.
When he is joined by survivors of brutal land clearances, an unlikely alliance forms to pursue life, as dark forces seek to prevent their quest. As chaos engulfs the world, demonic forces behind the Final Solution are unmasked during a deadly race to save humanity from the rise of
the Nephilim.