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Tick, Tock and the Magic Clock

Neil Ankers 

Delightful new children's book


Neil Ankers has written 'Tick, Tock and the Magic Clock: The Wild West' as a fun adventure for children of all ages. With fun, lively illustrations in full colour, this has the potential to be the start of a great series of books!


Medicine and Body Image

Terence Ryan

just published

Frequent failure at the beginning of a career may sometimes be followed with success, but today few get given the second chances that I have been given. In the Irish Republic, stationers have popular postcards providing the meaning of names. Terence is ‘He is hard-working’, but the truer meaning may be ‘He never gives up’.
Passing into Oxford University and qualifying as a doctor was not straightforward. What followed was not predicted, but by being suddenly invited to take the best house job for the Regius Professor of Medicine, a career began that could not have been taken for granted, since each move was by invitation rather than through application.
Throughout a career of interest in the field of microcirculation and lymphatics, my main role has been to interpret – when attending microcirculation or lymphatic societies, to tell people about the skin, and when visiting dermatology societies, to tell them about the blood supply and the lymphatic drainage.

So writes Terence Ryan in this fascinating account of his life. More than an autobiography, it tells the story of a medical department at Oxford Uniersity, the growth and development of international associations and partnerships, and the advance of the science of the skin over the past half-a-century. 


Revenge of the Seven Magnificent Women

Rusty Nale

New Thriller...

In this timely thriller about domestic violence, Rusty Nale takes the reader on a journey of suspense and revenge in a world where women have for too long been oppressed and demeaned. Sally Anne gathers around herself a group of women who are determined to set the scales of justice right, and pooling their skills and determination, set out on a course of events to show the abusive men in their lives that they can no longer get away with it!